Kids Karate Schools (5 to 7)

Kids Karate Schools for kids 5 to 7

Whether you are searching for kids karate schools in Bucks County PA, Karate Schools in Montgomery County PA or Kids Karate Schools New Jersey, Amerikick will help you find the right karate school for your child. Not all karate schools and instructors are the same so it is important to find a karate school instructor that knows how to work with children at each age level.

See why Amerikick Little Dragon Karate Instructors are the best for teachers for kids from 5 to 7!

The Amerikick Little Dragons Program is a karate program specifically designed for children who range in ages 5 to 7. This special program was developed by certified karate school professionals to help meet unique needs for this age group like: Self-Discipline, Focus, Attention Span, and Coordination. By teaching enthusiastically and with positive reinforcement, your child will learn and develop skills that will carry over to other areas of their lives.

The class structure is designed to keep your child’s interest, while at the same time learning the values of the Martial Arts. We accomplish this through classroom participation and fun. The curriculum has been designed to be informative, easy, and enjoyable.