Gyms Haddon Heights

Karate Gyms Haddon Heights NJ – Kickboxing Gyms Haddon Heights NJ

525 Station Ave,
Haddon Heights, NJ, 08035

Phone: 856.547.5600

Fax: 856.547.5672



Students are expected to:

Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to scheduled class.
Pull Attendance card after changing into uniform.
Keep Uniforms neat, clean, and odor free.
Quietly Prepare for class (DO NOT DISTURB PRESENT CLASS).
Attend Class on a regular and consistent schedule.
Talk to instructors about make-up classes.
Effort and spirit should always be shown in the classroom.
Memorize and apply STUDENT CREEDS.
Proper respect should always be shown to your instructors and fellow students.
PARENTS- Please do not punish your children by not allowing them to attend class: they will fall behind on their training.
Master Club Program – Unlimited Classes Black Belt Program – 3 Classes per week Basic Program – 2 Classes per week

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