Looking for adult karate classes in Bucks County PA, Martial Art Classes in Montgomery County or Fitness classes in New Jersey, AmeriKick now offers all types of health and fitness karate classes in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Amerikick offers the best martial arts programs for adults.  Amerikick’s unique curriculum offers a combination of the following styles of martial arts to offer the best all around training for adults.   These styles include:

  • The self defense techniques of Kenpo Karate
  • The kicks of Tae Kwon do
  • The hand strikes of karate and shotokan
  • The sparring techniques of kickboxing
  • The joint locks and take downs of judo and jiujitsu
  • The weapons training of Filipino Arnis and Kali
  • Our adult classes are taught by experienced and motivated instructors.  In every class you will enjoy a world champion workout, learn amazing martial arts techniques and learn how to defend yourself.  Bag work, partner drills and strength conditioning exercises are all part of the experience to develop healthy individuals.  At Amerikick you will reduce stress, increase flexibility and learn self mastery.  You will train your mind, body and spirit.