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Looking for fitness classes in Pennsylvania Or Fitness Classes In New Jersey, Amerikick karate gyms provide something different than another boring workout.

Amerikick fitness programs start with understanding your personal fitness goals to make sure you find the right class. WIth a multi-level fitness class program you will develop physical and mental skills to help let go of day to day stress. This exciting full body health and and fitness program will become much more important to you than another great workout because you take the skills you learn in this class with you. Feel more and more confident after every class in your everyday life. See why AmeriKick fitness classes are so fun and exciting.

Every fitness class is backed by the best certified black belt instructors in the business. If your looking for a kickboxing or karate workout that will help you take your workout to the next level, Amerikick fitness instructors will help you find the right class.

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Amerikick Fitness


The fast, precise, and powerful moves of Amerikick fitness were developed by top-rated martial artists and defense experts. Instructors who have taught thousands of men, women and children how to take control of their body worked hand in hand with choreographers to bring this amazing defense dance mix to you and your classes! Gain the burn of kickboxing without the sweaty gloves or bags. The Americkick workout will tone your entire body through a combination of cardio drills and self-defense moves. Each move in the Amerikick Fitness classes with get your heart racing, while still teach you valuable self-defense skills. Have you have always wanted to learn self-defense skills, but never wanted to commit to the belts, testing and difficult material of a martial arts class? Then the Amerikick workout is for you! Get the skills you always wanted to learn while getting the body you always wanted through our fun, cardio workout. Amerikick is the only fitness class that will shape your butt and save your butt.

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