Is A Black Belt Worth It?

Receiving My Black Belt

By Isabella Heal

I have learned many things since receiving my Amerikick black belt. Some things were part of the curriculum others were not. I learned how to be less shy and be more outgoing. I learned how, through teaching, I can help children in the same way that my senseis help me. I have found friends in virtually everyone at karate. I have also in general become a far happier person. If I had quit karate before getting my black belt I believe I would be far less motivated to do anything in my life.

When I was younger I was very shy I would barely talk to anyone that wasn’t my friend or someone in my family. Now I have many more friends and I talk to many more people. Karate has helped me conquer my fear of talking to people by allowing me to be around people that I can joke around. I spent many years before I got my black belt being scared of what people thought of me. Now I care far less about what people think of me. I worry more about being myself. I became confident enough to perform at demos without being excessively nervous.

I also learned how to deal that I don’t necessarily enjoy being around. Sometimes something someone would say would annoy me but I learned how to ignore things that bothered me and only focus on things that helped me or someone else in some way. I had tried dealing with annoying people in the past but after receiving my black belt I realized that those people were virtually insignificant.

Something else that I learned after receiving my black belt was the science and theories being many of techniques. Before I was just learning the techniques because I had to but now I am interested in learning the theories, concepts, and science behind them. It also interests me how the body responds to pain this curiosity was sparked because of karate. When I do a technique I also want to know how it works, what would be some possible downsides to it, as well as what I would change to fix those problems.

Through karate, especially after receiving my black belt, I have learned a lot. In this short five hundred word essay I could only tell you a few of the things that I have learned. Many of these skills will become useful later in life. I am very excited to be able to use all that I have learned outside of karate or school. When I am an adult I will communicate with people better that if I hadn’t taken karate. When I am older I will have the confidence to ask about job opportunities. When I grow up I will be able to ignore the people that are mean or rude to me. I will have gained all of these important lessons from doing karate and earning my black belt.

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