Is my child ready for a karate class?

When it comes to the thought about a karate class, as intimidating as that may sound, throwing punches, kicking, bigger kids, yes, I get it! Don’t worry, most parents that are new to karate often have the same concerns. If I could tell you anything, find a karate school

You will find that when attending a kids karate class at a professional karate school like AmeriKick, your son or daughter will never feel threaten,  or at risk of being picked on. You will also  find Amerikick karate school instructors always provide a safe environment for kids to grow at there pace.

Through a structured karate school training environment, your child will be given the tools to handle disappointment, rejection and many other childish things that kids face today like bullying. Your child will learn that fighting is not the solution to the problem but the exact opposite. This is one of the biggest misconceptions of karate training and most people that know karate never end up fighting anyone.

Amerikick would like you to invite you to attend a kids karate class free of charge with your child and really find out how karate can teach a lot more than throwing a punch.

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